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Rupak George

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Rupak George

Rupak George is the music producer behind psychedelic world music band “Mantravine” a music educator and founder of “Private Guitar Class” and  “Music Workshop Singapore”. He has played and given music workshops at major music festivals in Singapore, New Zealand, Hawaii, Germany, Indonesia, France, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. He gives back to the community through organizing music and arts events with record label Chill Sessions Records. He loves to melt psychedelic melodies, polyrhythms, tribal percussions, live looping and has published over 30 albums with Seyra (3) Wobology (3) and Mantravine (26). 

Hi I'm Rupak and I'd love to share the philosophy behind this website. I believe musical mastery requires you to climb from one level of knowledge to the next so that you can tune in and let music flow through you. Once you master the first level of building strong foundations, it becomes easy to cross into other levels opening doors for musical, financial and spiritual growth.

During a travel to Mexico I met a teacher who transformed my relationship with music to understand musical vibration is everywhere and if you believe in yourself you can achieve anything you set your mind to. This mentality gave me the conviction to pursue a journey with music where I never stopped learning how to make better music.


Courses on this site are designed to be affordable, help you conquer knowledge gaps to make the complex look simple and give incredible shortcuts to expand your musical wisdom. 

Musical background - I played guitar from high school and in university I started music production with Logic Pro and Ableton upon attending the Audio Alchemy retreat in Hawaii. I've formed 5 bands crafting music in the genres of post rock, dub reggae, latin american, indie folk pop and world electronic music publishing 50 albums. I've started music platforms for teaching guitar, giving music workshops, releasing music and performed at international festivals in Singapore, New Zealand, Hawaii, Germany, Indonesia, France, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, India, Indonesia, Serbia & Montenegro and Sri Lanka. I've also recorded music for retreats, television, radio, theatre, dance, poetry, puppetry, documentaries, yoga and healing.

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2. Audio editing in ableton & logic pro_

Audio Editing

46 videos

2.5 hrs

Learn Logic Pro X from an Online Course

Mixing Basics


4 videos

4.5 hrs

4. wix_build a website design_website_16

Build A Website Design

63 videos

3.3 hrs

Easy Beginner Guitar Lessons colour 1600

Guitar lessons for beginners

47 videos


2 hours


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