Audio Editing In Ableton & Logic Pro

About The Course

An online course teaching how to edit audio, manage files and sync audio recordings. Suitable for complete beginners and experienced audio editors this course is designed to help you finish your projects much faster and to help you collaborate with other people or other music production softwares with easy to understand explanations and worksheets. This course is not related to mixing or mastering so there will be no plugins to worry about but you will develop powerful habits, clean organisation skills and build solid foundations.

The course will use both Ableton Live 10 and Logic Pro X to edit instrument recordings from a funky dance song called “Funky Dance Moves” by world music band Mantravine.  You will learn to build a reusable template, essential key commands, learn clean editing and organisation of audio files, learn the different ways to combine audio, sync melodies and transfer recordings to other softwares. Theoretically the concepts are universal and should work for any professional DAW that has similar levels of functionality to Ableton & Logic. So if you use a different DAW you may have to google or youtube some of the processes.



  • Ableton, Logic Pro or both. Other professional DAWs that are comparable with Ableton or Logic can be used

  • Basic knowledge on how to record audio. Helpful if you have a song you are working on

  • Lessons are taught using a mac. You can use windows too but may need to google key commands and processes



  • Music producers

  • Music composers

  • Musicians

  • DJs

  • Audio editors

  • Anyone who works with any type of audio for songs, jingles, apps, video games, films, video

  • Works with multi track mixers

  • Manages audio recordings for a band, album, mixes, rehearsals, orchestra, electronic music, live recordings

  • Anyone who wants to send audio files to collaborate with others


  • How to edit and manage audio files Ableton & Logic Pro to finish projects faster

  • Simple and powerful techniques to edit audio from live recordings using for a band, album, mixes, rehearsals, orchestra, electronic music

  • How to build your own reusable template

  • Learn useful preference settings

  • Essential key commands for audio editing

  • Understand the different techniques for combining audio like join, consolidate, convert, crop, bounce in place, record, resample, freeze and know which process to use for your need

  • Develop clean organisation skills so you can speed up your workflow

  • Save hard drive space and never have useless audio files

  • Move the timing of audio with warp markers and flex markers

  • Vocal editing to get a clean and clear vocal performance

  • Sync the timing of melodies and harmonies of multiple instruments

  • Intelligent file management for quick finding of files

  • Expand your sample library so you can reuse audio files in other projects

  • Manage missing files

  • Transfer audio between different DAWs allowing for collaboration with different softwares and people


If you are not satisfied within 30 days you can request for a full refund less transaction fees. No questions asked.

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