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Blues Guitar
Course by Jon Adessky

Feel Like This?

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Do you feel like learning blues guitar requires lots of technical knowledge?

Are you concerned about facing difficulty in learning theory, chords or licks?

Are you afraid of the expensive costs behind hiring a teacher?

Learning blues guitar is for everyone. The beauty is that it is so simple to apply to playing in any key once you learn essential blues guitar structure, technique and phrasing. This course is going to share blues guitar secrets from over 10 years experience of playing shows, festivals and teaching students. Try this course if you are serious about playing blues guitar either for yourself or with others and want to skip hours of research and years of bad guitar playing habits.

What You Can Learn

This online course teaches well known blues guitar techniques to help you play blues guitar like a pro. Master the essentials of playing blues rhythm and form, pentatonic scale licks, bends, hammer on, pull offs and trills. These blues guitar lessons contain detailed demonstrations and practice exercises to help make learning easy. Accessible anytime on mobile or desktop with an internet connection. Learn from Canadian blues guitar master Jon Adessky.





  • Guitar


  • Pen and paper






  • Beginner and intermediate guitarists


  • Blues music lovers


  • Students looking for new material for classes or study


  • Guitar teachers looking for new material for classes






  • How to play the 12 bar blues rhythm and form


  • How to play bluesy licks on the blues pentatonic scale


  • How to play bluesy bends


  • How to play hammer ons & pull offs


Lead Singer

Blues Rhythm & Form

Pentatonic Scale

Guitar Player
Country Singer


Hammer Ons & Pull Offs

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Image by Mike Giles

Trills & Review