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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Studio Meditation

What You Can Learn

This class is perfect for people who are busy with not a lot of time to practice and will help you to keep your body beautiful on the inside which will help to relieve you of stress.


Kundalini is your essential consciousness, which holds your creative potential, that lies coiled at the base of our spines. Kundalini Yoga is unique because of the awareness attained through one's own experience. A single class can quickly establish an aligned relationship with the body, mind and soul.

Taught by Dan & Marilyn who have travelled the globe by land, from the UK to Singapore, whilst practicing & teaching kundalini yoga. They aim to share the transformative technology of kundalini yoga by using breathwork, body locks, physical movement, meditation, mudra and mantra to evoke the essential creative energies dormant in all of us.

This class is also supporting education for children in need where 100% of any donations will go to the Gyanada Foundation in India.


  • Yoga mat or carpet


  • Pillow or cushion

  • Headphones or speakers to hear the frequencies



Marilyn Russell-White (New Zealand).jpeg
Marilyn Russell-White
Daniel Russell-White (UK).jpeg
Daniel Russell-White

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