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This online video course will teach you simple and powerful techniques to read, write, sing and play music rhythms found in music scores. The course contains detailed explanations, musical dictations, practice exercises & progress tests designed to help you save time, money and make learning music rhythms easier. Suitable for all ages, all instruments and people who want to understand and share musical ideas with other musicians. Accessible anytime on mobile or desktop with an internet connection.



  • Any instrument

  • Pen and paper



  • Anyone who plays an instrument 

  • Musicians interested in learning to read music scores 

  • Songwriters & Composers interested in sharing their musical ideas with musicians who read music 

  • Teachers to have new teaching material for classes


  • Read, write, sing & play the rhythms found in music scores and their rests 

  • Sync playing hands and feet with the various rhythms taught 

  • Understand measure, bar, staff & common terminology

  • From 53 videos averaging 8 mins a video

  • Check course outline here

If you are not satisfied within 30 days you can request for a full refund less transaction fees. No questions asked.

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