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Learn Music Rhythms
Suitable for any instrument

Feel Like This?

Image by Sherise VD

Do you feel reading music rhythms requires a significant time to understand?

Tried googling only to be overloaded with info thats difficult to understand?

Feel overwhelmed because you don't know where to start?

Seen or heard friends talking about rhythms but feel like a clueless dummy?

Knowing music rhythms is simply like learning the english language. Rhythms can be compared to letters and when we combine rhythms we get musical phrases which can be thought of as words or sentences. Learning the fundamental rhythms of music can help open up a world of possibilities with communicating, learning and teaching music. This course is makes understanding rhythms a piece of cake

What You Can Learn

This online video course will teach you simple and powerful techniques to read, write, sing and play music rhythms found in music scores. The course contains detailed explanations, musical dictations, practice exercises & progress tests designed to help you save time, money and make learning music rhythms easier. Suitable for all ages, all instruments and people who want to understand and share musical ideas with other musicians. Accessible anytime on mobile or desktop with an internet connection.



  • Any instrument

  • Pen and paper



  • Anyone who plays an instrument 

  • Musicians interested in learning to read music scores 

  • Songwriters & Composers interested in sharing their musical ideas with musicians who read music 

  • Teachers to have new teaching material for classes


  • Read, write, sing & play the rhythms found in music scores and their rests 

  • Sync playing hands and feet with the various rhythms taught 

  • Understand measure, bar, staff & common terminology

  • From 53 videos averaging 8 mins a video


1. whole note.jpeg

 Whole, Half and Quarter Notes

8th Note Clichés

2. 8th notes.jpeg
3. 8th note rests.jpeg

8th Note Rests

Dotted Notes

4 dotted notes.jpeg
5. tying notes.jpeg

Tying Notes

16th Notes & Tying 16ths

6. tying 16th notes.jpeg
7. dotted 8th and triplets.jpeg

Dotted 8th & Triplets

Tying, Dotted, Triplets & Pitch Crash Course

Sheet Music


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