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Mixing Basics In Logic Pro X

Learn Logic Pro X from an Online Course

What You Can Learn

This free online video course will teach you simple and powerful techniques to mix music in Logic Pro X. Learn how to colour your tracks systematically, organise audio files into folders, manage file names, busses, automation eq and gain stage your music. Suitable for all ages. Accessible anytime on mobile or desktop with an internet connection.



  • Logic Pro

  • A recorded song 

  • Lessons are taught using a mac. You can use windows too but may need to google key commands and processes



  • Music producers

  • Music composers

  • Musicians

  • DJs

  • Teachers to have new teaching material for classes

  • Audio editors

  • Anyone who works with audio for songs, jingles, apps, video games, films, video

  • Manages audio recordings for a band, album, mixes, rehearsals, orchestra, electronic music, live recordings


  • Colouring & Organising Tracks into Folders

  • How to manage file names in project audio

  • How To Manage Busses & Automation

  • EQing & Gain Staging



rupak dark groove push_lo res.jpg
Rupak George

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