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Music Production Masterclass

Learn how to make your own music

General advice from the Instructor

"Don't let fear be in charge of making your decisions. Believe in yourself that you can do it and that mindset can take you anywhere you want to go. I faced some of the most impossible challenges to make a life with music and the one thing that took me through was simply believing in myself and refusing to let the fear of money, security or time be responsible for my decision making. Instead be excited and in love with making an intimate connection with music.

Music production is for everyone. The hard thing to learn is intelligent execution of concept, organisation and what are the steps to go from start to finish. Once you learn these concepts the rest is just flow and repetition. You have enough time to master the material and if you can't attend a class or forget what has been taught, replays of the knowledge will be shared. 

If worried about not having enough time, I guarantee negotiating time is just another challenge that can be easily overcome and it's something we will work on in the first class. I will be motivating students before and throughout the course to make sure you stay on track and hit your goal," Rupak George