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Music Production Masterclass

Learn how to make your own music


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"It's a great masterclass, I had fun, met a few amazing new friends, and got introduced to a network of amazing musicians in Singapore as well as amazing music events in town.

I love music, and this masterclass has just made me love music even more, and at the same time have a whole different level of appreciation of music producers' efforts and respect for what they do!" Cindy

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Do you feel writing music requires lots of time, no idea how to begin or what's your next step forward? Making music is easy and this could be the masterclass for YOU. You can expect:

  • Learn professional music production techniques in 8 masterclasses

  • Find your sound, write songs, edit, mix and release 

  • Perform your composition to an audience, share your process and build a fanbase

  • Masterclasses come with notes, frameworks and homework to attain topic mastery, save time and enjoy music making

  • Expand your network, get Q&A support and have enough time to learn


  • No music knowledge or experience required but having it is an advantage

  • Suited for 16 years +




"Pretty good, can hear music a lot better and appreciate it on a new level. I think seeing more subtlety in things is inherently pleasurable and good, and this class helped unlock that finer vision for music." Yustynn

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  • Laptop

  • Headphones​​

  • Any professional music production software. Masterclasses will be taught using Ableton but concepts taught will work for any professional DAW (digital audio workstation). If you don't have a DAW we recommend Ableton which offers a 3 month free trial



"A great stepping stone, classmates and push you needed to start your journey.

Definitely opened my eyes up to a whole new world of music and I can appreciate it so much better. Definitely would have gone through it again to kickstart my journey." Andre

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Got questions? Join the free online Q&A session to meet your instructor, ask questions about the masterclass and get preparation tips.

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Watch the replay of a past Q&A session to gain insight on what to expect from the masterclass and meet the instructor


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"I have a deeper appreciation of music production, now that I see the amount of work and details that go into it" Wei Lee

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1. Sep 2023 - Your Sound

Learn the art of creating your own language in an intelligent and efficient way so your creative juices can flow freely when you write songs

Music Class
Recording Music

2. Oct 2023 - Songwriting

Learn how to approach the art of songwriting through recording, organisation and using templates

3. Nov 2023 - Editing

Arrange your music intelligently, fix sounds that aren't right and use transitions to create tension, release or resolution 

Sound Equipment
Music Equipment

4. Dec 2023 - Mixing Pt 1


Learn the art of gain staging to the right levels, EQ, compression and creating depth and width in the mix

5. Jan 2024 - Mixing Pt 2

Get your song ready for mastering and learn how to use analysers to make it sound professional for streaming platforms

Music Producers
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Feb 2024 - Showtime

Present your music to a live audience and get paid for your contribution so you have that real world experience. Participation is optional 



"I am so much more aware of the way music and sounds are made now. It makes me enjoy going to festivals and gigs more enjoyable, more interesting and more inspiring!

It also makes me more aware of the profound effect it can have on people on a personal level. Even my amateur music has inspired, entertained and attracted others. It helped me move forward from an old relationship and even start a new one. That is really cool" Callum

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  • Q&A sessions are online and meetings links will be emailed

  • Attend masterclasses at a physical space, online or watch the resource videos

  • Location for masterclass will be announced closer to the date




"If you are someone trying to self-learn music production and if you feel youTube is not taking you anywhere , this is the right place to kick start the music production journey!

I’m able to relate various sounds when listening to music now. Realised music production requires a lot of focus and dedication." Asfak

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