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Music Production Masterclass

Learn how to make your own music



Do you feel writing music requires lots of time, no idea how to begin or what's your next step forward? Making music is easy and this could be the masterclass for YOU. You can expect:

  • Learn professional music production techniques in 8 masterclasses

  • Find your sound, write songs, edit, mix and release 

  • Perform your composition to an audience, share your process and build a fanbase

  • Masterclasses come with notes, frameworks and homework to attain topic mastery, save time and enjoy music making

  • Expand your network, get Q&A support and have enough time to learn


  • No music knowledge or experience required but having it is an advantage

  • Suited for 16 years +



  • Laptop

  • Headphones​​

  • Any professional music production software. Masterclasses will be taught using Ableton but concepts taught will work for any professional DAW (digital audio workstation). If you don't have a DAW we recommend Ableton which offers a 3 month free trial


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Watch the replay of a past Q&A session to gain insight on what to expect from the masterclass and meet the instructor

Got more questions? Send an email via the contact page



1. Sep - Your Sound

Learn the art of creating your own language in an intelligent and efficient way so your creative juices can flow freely when you write songs

Music Class
Recording Music

2. Oct - Songwriting

Learn how to approach the art of songwriting through recording, organisation and using templates

3. Nov - Editing

Arrange your music intelligently, fix sounds that aren't right and use transitions to create tension, release or resolution 

Sound Equipment
Music Equipment

4. Dec - Mixing Pt 1


Learn the art of gain staging to the right levels, EQ, compression and creating depth and width in the mix

5. Jan - Mixing Pt 2

Get your song ready for mastering and learn how to use analysers to make it sound professional for streaming platforms

Music Producers
rupak talks to cindy_sonic brew.jpeg

Feb - Showtime

Present your music to a live audience and get paid for your contribution so you have that real world experience. Participation is optional 


masterclass 2 glass hut 1.jpg
  • Attend masterclasses at a physical space, online or watch the resource videos

  • Location for masterclass will be announced closer to the date



rupak_liquid freqs.jpg

"Don't let fear be in charge of making your decisions. Believe in yourself that you can do it and that mindset can take you anywhere you want to go. I faced some of the most impossible challenges to make a life with music and the one thing that took me through was simply believing in myself and refusing to let the fear of money, security or time be responsible for my decision making. Instead be excited and in love with making an intimate connection with music.

Music production is for everyone. The hard thing to learn is intelligent organisation and the steps to go from start to finish. Once you learn these concepts the rest is just flow and repetition.

If you can't attend a class or forget what has been taught, replays of the knowledge will be shared. If worried about not having enough time, I guarantee negotiating time is just another challenge that can be easily overcome and it's something we will work on. I will be motivating students before and throughout the course to make sure you stay on track and hit your goal," Rupak George

rupak dark groove push_lo res.jpg
Rupak George




SGD $ 600
8 Masterclasses

Book by 1 August

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SGD $ 700
8 Masterclasses

by 1 September

farhan trumpet.jpg


SGD $ 800
8 Masterclasses

Book by 12 September

  • Cancellation policy is that there are no refunds within 60 days of class 

  • Each class is 1hr and 15 mins and there is a total of 10 hours of class

  • Prices are in Singapore dollars

  • Attend online or in person (same price for online and in person). Limited seats for in person classes


  • Each masterclass comes with notes, frameworks and homework to attain topic mastery to help you get theoretical and practical experience

  • Expand your network and meet a community of like minded people who are on a similar learning path

  • If you miss a class or need a refresh you can watch the replay resources that will be provided

  • Be supported by asking questions in the private group chat and connect with other students

  • You will have enough time to practice what you've learned between each class

  • Certificate of completion will be given upon request

  • How do I watch purchased courses?
    Once you buy a course you will have lifetime access and can stream it on a web browser Android, iPhone or iPad. You can even buy courses as a gift for a loved one
  • How does the gift work?
    You can buy a gift voucher with a personal message and that voucher can either be emailed or printed and sent on to whoever is the intended recipient. Check out the gift voucher here
  • How does payment work?
    All prices are in USD and you can pay for courses with Paypal, Visa, MasterCard
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