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Learn Keyboard Online
Music Theory
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Hi I'm Rupak and I want to thank you for visiting. I've noticed that despite the internet having so much information on music, it can be overwhelming to learn music because of so many choices. This platform offers online courses centred around learning 3 important levels of knowledge - Craft, Wealth & Wellness. When an individual integrates themselves into all these its easier to open doors for musical, financial and spiritual growth.

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First you need to build good fundamental technique to help you speak music fluently with good habits that will save you years of bad playing. Eventually when you go deep into your craft you will reach a point where you find your signature sound.

Music Production
Holding Money


Many artists neglect to give adequate attention to this level hoping their art will just take off some day. However no one is going to do the work for you and embracing intelligent wealth practices is essential for making a sustainable income from your art


Be one of the first 10 buyers of a soundsplash pass to get an audio NFT of Mantravine's song Multiverse and a ticket to the in-person Album launch! 

Afraid of buying an NFT? Chill Sessions Records will walk you through the step by step process on how to setup a wallet and buy this NFT 



Reading & Writing Music

Learn Keyboard Online

Our Courses

Teach techniques that are rarely talked about

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Music Production
Ableton &
Logic Pro

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Now - 7 June 2021


70 Days Free Trial for Premium Courses


Help us support the Gyanada Foundation to support underprivileged kids in India

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Set up an account with optimised security on a Crypto Exchange

Know how to Buy Crypto

Know how to Sell Crypto

Crypto Wealth Strategies

How to Transfer Crypto

How to Trace Transactions & Crypto Theft

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If you are not satisfied within 30 days you can request for a full refund less transaction fees. No questions asked.

Upcoming Courses

Mixing Fundamentals

Advanced Bass Mixing

Depth & Mid Side EQ Mixing

Mastering in Ableton

Mastering in Logic Pro

Marketing An Album

Making Money With Music


Access this and all courses


Stream this course for lifetime


Gift this course to a loved one 

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Try a plan and if unsatisfied within 7 days you can request for a full refund less transaction fees, no questions asked

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Anywhere Anytime

Take a course anywhere in the world at anytime that works for you on mobile or desktop with an internet connection


Affordable Courses

Music education can be expensive and we have made our courses cheap so everyone can get access to music knowledge

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