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Learn How To Trade Crypto
Free Crypto Course for Beginners 

Feel Like This?

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Do you feel like the world of crypto is too complicated and requires a significant investment of time in order to understand it?

Tried googling or youtubing crypto only to be overloaded with info that is too difficult to understand?

Feel overwhelmed to look deeper because you don't know where to start?

Heard friends talking about crypto but feel like a clueless dummy?

Crypto is simply an asset like gold and there's a language to learn to trade crypto assets. Crypto trading is an alternative way of earning a sustainable income for anyone through amazing projects. But if you don't learn the right basics you run the risk of losing money for silly reasons, getting wrecked by overpaying or become a victim of crypto theft. I myself have got wrecked in losing crypto and money by adopting bad habits. I don't want anyone to go through what i've experienced so I'm going to show you the step by step method of getting into crypto trading and developing good habits to expand wealth with straightforward strategies.

What You Can Learn

This is an online crypto course for beginners that will teach you simple and easy to understand techniques on how to trade crypto. You will learn the entire step by step process of setting up an account, buying cryptos, selling cryptos, expanding your crypto wealth, protecting your cryptos, tracing transactions and managing a theft. There will be no insane technical analysis or complicated language. You will be given a Crypto Tool to help understand complex topics, manage your portfolio, track how much money you are spending, learn my strategy to get free cryptos, earn passive income, calculate bank fees and more. This course is designed to help save you time, money and make learning crypto trading seem easy. Suitable for all ages. Accessible anytime on mobile or desktop with an internet connection.



  • Computer or mobile phone with internet connection

  • No trading or crypto knowledge required



  • People curious to learn crypto trading 

  • Crypto dummies or beginners


  • To trade crypto like an intelligent trader with an easy to use Crypto Trading Tool

  • Expand your crypto wealth with easy to understand strategies 

  • Protect your investments from theft and how to avoid making silly mistakes

  • From 47 videos split into 6 chapters




Get an idea of what is crypto, set up an account, ensure you add security features and payment methods


Understand how money flows when buying, how to research on coins, buy crypto coins, use the crypto trading tool and keep track of your favourite coins

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