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Music Production

Building good fundamentals techniques with good habits will save you time and help you to speak with fluency. Expanding this fluency will help you find your signature sound.


learn music production masterclass singapore_wix_1600_1200.jpeg

Learn to make your own music

8 Masterclasses

12.5 hours


Learn Music Rhythms_1600x1200_wix_lo res

Learn the rhythms of music


53 videos


7 hours


Jon Adessky1600x1200.jpg

Easy blues guitar lessons


27 videos

1.4 hours

learn mexican guitar_apprende mariachi guitarra_16001200_lo res.jpg

English - Español Course


43 videos

Over 2 hours

Easy Beginner Guitar Lessons colour 1600

Guitar lessons for beginners

47 videos


2 hours


2. Audio editing in ableton & logic pro_

Audio Editing

46 videos

2.5 hrs

Learn Logic Pro X from an Online Course

Mixing Basics


4 videos

4.5 hrs

Learn Ableton 10 from an Online Course

Ableton Liveset tricks

6 videos

28 mins

ableton audio editing.jpg

Ableton Audio Tricks

4 videos

42 mins

Listento Ableton Audiomovers_1600_1200_w

Remote recording


25 videos

1 hour


Holding Money

Branding, making videos, trading music crypto assets, collecting royalties, ensuring metadata is correct and collecting royalties are all important wealth practices for making a sustainable income from your art


4. wix_build a website design_website_16

Build Website Course

63 videos

3.3 hrs

Shanti_lo res.jpg

How To Tag Your Music

1 Video

2 mins

final cut pro beginner.jpg

Learn Final Cut Pro X

1 video

12 mins


album launch band shot.jpg

How To Collect Royalties

1 Article

1. Lean How To Trade Crypto Crypto Course For Beginners_1920_1080_high.jpeg

Learn How To Trade Crypto

47 videos

2 hrs



Home Stretching Exercise

Taking care of your health keeps you in optimal shape to be awake for more hours in a day and well focused to learn efficiently


Yin yoga +Healing Frequencies.jpg

Yin Yoga + Healing Frequencies

1 video

1 hr

video no date_Kundalini_1920_1080_deleta

Kundalini Yoga

1 video

1 hr


anahata meditation_wix_1600_1200.jpg

Anahata Meditation

1 video

1 hr

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